Binance’s Trust Wallet has launched a new browser extension wallet. The world’s leading multi-chain wallet provider’s brand-new extension for desktops will support all EVM chains and Solana. It will provide an enhanced dApp experience to users as they can explore things beyond CEXs (centralized exchanges).

Trust’s Browser Extension Wallet Details

This wallet is compatible with Chrome, Opera, and Brave browsers and syncs with Trust Wallet’s mobile wallet. For your information, Trust’s mobile wallet is one of the best mobile crypto wallets in the world, with over 60 million downloads. It receives ten million active users per month, which indicates its global appeal.

As per Trust Wallet CEO Eowyn Chen, users had been requesting for Browser extension with the same quality of experience as they receive on the Trust Wallet Mobile App, including multi-chain coverage. The company tried to empower users regarding the choice of device when accessing the wallet, which led to the development of the new browser wallet.

“This is our initial step, and we will listen to users’ and developers’ feedback to improve,” Chen noted.

Trust Mobile Wallet features such as multi-wallet support, fiat on-ramp and NFT support, and non-EVM blockchain integrations will be added to the new browser extension apart from unique features like hardware wallet support.

What’s in it for Users?

Both mobile and desktop versions of the wallet would offer enhanced Web3 accessibility and a seamless wallet experience across the two environments. It enables users to securely store, send/receive, and manage data easily.

The desktop browser extension wallet would let users receive more than eight million tokens across Solana and all available EVM chains, such as Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, and Avalanche. Users can also custom-add EVM chains. It is worth noting that non-EVMs will also be added in the future.

Furthermore, the wallet extension is expected to improve the multi-chain user experience. With network auto-detect, users will enjoy a seamless dApp experience without manually adding networks. Eight million tokens are available out of the box to ease the demand for the manual addition of tokens and improve asset traceability.

In short, the new browser extension wallet will offer an optimized dApp experience so that users “effectively discover things beyond centralized exchanges (CEXs), like Web3 gaming, metaverse, DeFi, tokens not found on CEX, and more,” the company’s press release explained.

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