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DEV-0569 group uses Google Ads to distribute Royal Ransomware
Black Friday and Cyber Monday, crooks are already at work
New improved versions of LodaRAT spotted in the wild
Atlassian fixed 2 critical flaws in Crowd and Bitbucket products
Hive Ransomware extorted over $100M in ransom payments from over 1,300 companies
Ongoing supply chain attack targets Python developers with WASP Stealer
China-based Fangxiao group behind a long-running phishing campaign
Two public schools in Michigan hit by a ransomware attack
Magento and Adobe Commerce websites under attack
Tank, the leader of the Zeus cybercrime gang, was arrested by the Swiss police
Iran-linked threat actors compromise US Federal Network
F5 fixed 2 high-severity Remote Code Execution bugs in its products
Lazarus APT uses DTrack backdoor in attacks against LATAM and European orgs
New RapperBot Campaign targets game servers with DDoS attacks
Beginning 2023 Google plans to rollout the initial Privacy Sandbox Beta
Happy birthday Security Affairs … 11 years together!
Experts found critical RCE in Spotify’s Backstage
Experts revealed details of critical SQLi and access issues in Zendesk Explore
China-linked APT Billbug breached a certificate authority in Asia
Previously undetected Earth Longzhi APT group is a subgroup of APT41
Avast details Worok espionage group’s compromise chain
Massive Black hat SEO campaign used +15K WordPress sites
KmsdBot, a new evasive bot for cryptomining activity and DDoS attacks
CERT-UA warns of multiple Somnia ransomware attacks against organizations in Ukraine
Have board directors any liability for a cyberattack against their company?
Ukraine Police dismantled a transnational fraud group that made €200 million per year
Lockbit gang leaked data stolen from global high-tech giant Thales

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