Of course, the first impact will be on the leadership, Elon Musk was critical in the past with Agrawal’s leadership.

Musk will also take action to demonstrate that his priority is to preserve free speech on Twitter. Probably he will restore access to prominent accounts that were blocked in the past, I’m thinking of Donald Trump’s account.

He will immediately work to change Twitter’s policies to prevent abuses of the platforms, including misinformation, hate speech, and extremism. He wants to demonstrate that the platform will be really free and without any political influences.

Musk aims at reducing its personnel, this means that he plans to automate most of the functions in the company with a massive introduction of artificial intelligence for the management of the platform and moderation. He will engage in a fight against spam bots and fake profiles.

Just a technical curiosity, probably he will introduce functionality to edit the tweets, a feature that is requested by most Twitter users.

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Pierluigi Paganini

(SecurityAffairs – hacking, Elon Musk)


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