An ISO file is a disk image of an optical disc. It is a single file that contains all the data from a CD, DVD, or Blu-ray disc. The data is stored in an uncompressed format. ISO files are used to create exact copies of optical discs. They are also used to distribute large amounts of data over the internet.

It is not difficult to answer this question “how to create ISO files from discs.” Numerous freeware tools help to create an ISO file from a DVD or disc. Using them will help you to back up DVDs, BDs, and CDs to your hard drive.

It is the best strategy to create and save ISO backups for your essential program installation. In addition, unlimited online backup services allow for a near-perfect disk backup plan.

A key feature of ISO images is that they are independent and perfectly demonstrate disk data. As they are the sole files, saving and managing them is easier than copying folders and files directly onto a disk.

Windows do not have a default system to make ISO image files, so you have to download a program/tool that does that. Luckily, numerous free tools are available to create ISO images easily, and some of them are given below;

How to Create ISO Files from Discs – Best Methods

Method 1: DVDFab DVD Copy


Compatibility: Windows, Mac

This top-list DVD copy software is the most prevailing program to compress any DVD and lossless backup. It restores a DVD to a blank disc while offering six different copy mode options. 

This free ISO creator lets users save their DVDs in ISO image format. It comes with a free trial for 30 days.


  • It is the best ISO creator and DVD burner, which supports users to copy a DVD to their hard drive in ISO image format. You can also mount or burn a DVD, ISO file, or folder to any blank disc.
  • A DVD copy is also the best program to compress DVD-9 to DVD-5.
  • Moreover, it can copy DVD-9 to DVD-9, DVD-5 to DVD-5, and DVD-5 to DVD-9.
  • It is a free DVD burner that can read all DVDs without caring about their scratches and copy them in the same original quality.

Method 2: ISO Workshop

ISO Workshop - Download

It is a freeware ISO creation desktop program for Windows computers. It will help you to make, copy, and burn ISO files and perform other operations related to ISO files.

ISO Workshop’s GUI will be attractive to users as it is clear and straightforward. It works best for Windows NT over 7 versions. The EXE file size for installation is lightweight at approximately 4 MB, making it a tool that can be used easily.

Its “extraction feature” will help you to extract the ISO content quickly. When you choose an ISO file from your system, it will automatically upload its content. It is best to convert multiple disk images to the ISO file format. It supports PDI, DMG, GI, B5I, ISO, CDI, MDF, IMG, BIN, NRG, and B6i formats. 

Upload the disk file and pull out the content to the required place to backup files. Tap on the top-right button to burn the ISO file. 

Method 3: ISODisk

9 Best Free DVD to ISO Maker Software For Windows

ISODisk is freeware ISO-creating software. It supports making virtual CD/DVD drivers for over 20 drives. It also helps to make and mount an ISO image. Moreover, it offers direct access to ISO image files. 

It can automatically create an ISO image from CD/DVD-ROM. You can easily access the contents of a folder with Windows Explorer after making it a virtual disk.

This standalone program does not require any installation of additional software. Its simple functionality makes it best for beginners. There is a well-managed functions tab with its user guide.

The home dashboard puts all functions within reach. So it is fast to mount or create ISO files from CD-ROMs within 2-3 clicks. Besides being beginner-friendly, it offers advanced functions to the experts. But you cannot use it to compress or encode ISO files. 

The software installation will require you to have; windows computer, 64 MB memory, and 10 MD storage space.

Here is how to create ISO from DVD using DVD Copy software;

How to use DVDFab DVD Copy?

  • Install DVDFab 12, and select the required Copy option. Insert the DVD which you want to back up. You can also navigate it using the “Add button.” 
how to copy DVDs guide 1
  • You can use the “Drag and Drop” if your required file is ISO. 
  • After choosing the copy mode, select the required output DVD size. It is also possible to set the volume label and other copy choices. 
how to copy DVDs guide 2
  • At last, choose the final directory and click “Start Button” to start the DVD copy process. 
how to copy DVDs guide 3


Can I mine the ISO file from the disc?

Third-party software helps to create an ISO file from the physical disc. There are multiple ISO creators in the market. However, you must be very picky as most contain the virus. So we will recommend a DVD copy, ISO workshop, and ISO disk. A DVD copy is greater than others as it can work on any device and offer multiple other features than creating ISO files. 

How much time is required to create an ISO image file?

It is very easy to create an ISO image file using any third-party software; however, it may take 50-60 minutes. The time may vary according to the disc size and your device performance. 


All ISO creator tools mentioned in the list are freeware. They will never charge you if you use them for making disk backups, copying disks, or sharing them on any platform. However, you must ensure you downloaded them from a trustworthy or official website to avoid viruses

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